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We don't like the status quo. We like to be a bit different – polite people call it unique, others call it a bit crazy! Either way we’ll bring something special to your startups social media presence.

uilding a startup is not easy. We know because we've been there a few times. Lots to juggle all the time, it can make some founders but it can also break others.

In most markets there tends to be some competition too. That's always a good sign you are onto something, but as a startup you have to differentiate yourself from the competition. In today's world we are more connected than ever and users often turn to social media to validate a startup.

It's a great way to communicate with your audience and generate some fantastic opportunities. We know you know it too! Although it is important, how often do you post or engage with users on social media? If the answer is lots then that's great, but who's is running your startup if you are busy on social media?

When we needed a social media service for our own startup we couldn't find one that matched our enthusiasm, worked around us and all for a reasonable price. It's the reason we started blazon. We want to champion startups in every way we can and social media is a great platform to do that.

Our passion for startups runs deep. We regularly speak to founders and discuss their vision and how we can help in any way possible. Seeing a startup succeed is what drives us. If we can help along the way then that's what it's all about for us.

If you want to work with a team who will champion your startup then you have come to the right place.
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Our Team

Content Writer
Param Barodia
Param mixes great ideas with his passion for wordplay, and produces unique written content that hooks the reader and captures their imagination. He's a dab hand at seamlessly switching styles depending on his audience, and is the go-to for new suggestions.
Graphics Designer
Amy Tindling
When you think about creative juices, they flow deeply through Amy. She's got a keen eye and a natural flair for style - it's the perfect blend to produce striking graphics that make a statement across social media. As Einstein said: "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."
Media Engagement
Dorina Varga
Understanding the inner workings of social media comes easily to Dorina. She's a self-confessed perfectionist and uses her methodical approach with expert knowledge to navigate the mine field of various platforms and company accounts. And she makes it look super easy!
Content Writer
Dhruvi Kerai
Talented Dhruvi brings her enthusiasm, energy and love for social media with hands-on experience in digital marketing. She's always ready for the next challenge, and has a great eye for detail. A new client, a new campaign, a new direction - bring it on, she says!
Demos Demetriou
Demos is no stranger to startups - he's a seasoned entrepreneur with experience running businesses in various sectors. He loves chatting with fellow passionate founders and his honest advice is received with open arms! With his meticulous approach, graphic design artistry and technical know-how, Demos leads by example, showing the team how to hone their skills to provide the best service.
Nargis Jafferali
Creating blazon was always about showcasing ingenious and innovative startups and Nargis uses her flair for creative ideas and an eye for perfection, alongside her business experience, to help fly the flag for our clients and support them on their journey. Challenging the status quo is what the blazon team are most proud of, and Nargis leads the team to think outside the box, with passion and originality.
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