App Development

Whether you have technical experience or not, the journey of developing an app can often be quite stressful for founders. It can be hard to know who to trust, and translating your vision into a functioning product all within budget is no easy feat.

But whether this app forms your entire brand, or whether it's a supporting addition to your startup business, we can help you build an app that's destined for viral success.
All good things start with a good plan. You may have an entire blueprint already laid out or simply have a rough idea of the objectives of your app - either way, we'll help you formulate the structure of a suitable product for this stage of your startup. We've built enough apps to understand what's need for a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or something more complex.

Don't worry if you don't 'speak technical' - we do! We'll personally liaise with our in-house team of developers, ensuring the development process runs seamlessly, and we'll make sure you're kept updated throughout. It's our job to get your strategy executed in the most efficient and affordable way, and you end up with an app product that will really help your startup grow.

An app is never fully developed, and there's always room for improvements and enhancements. Our experienced team of developers can manage the complete maintenance of your app, and add on any additional features you need along the way. Our clients appreciate our thorough and proactive testing process - and you don't need to speak to a single developer (unless you want to!).

Onboarding Users
Leave it to us to help your app get the traction it deserves. Our team can support you with marketing the product, and helping you onboard users. We are flexible to work with different marketing budgets - so tell us what you need and we'll create a strategy that'll boost your app's ratings and get you one step closer to going viral.

If you're ready to create your app, we're ready to support you. So, let's talk and let's get building!