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"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words."
Mark Twain
Promoting your brand can work in a bunch of different ways, we all know that. Success comes when you're using various tools to market your product. It's all about attracting as wide an audience as possible. And blogging can be a fantastic way to introduce your brand to more potential customers.

You may have a blog page on your website, or you're publishing articles onto your LinkedIn page or Medium. The destination spot is not the primary consideration to a blogger. It's the fact you are actually starting to blog in the first place!

A blog is a chance to offer more value to a captive audience. It's an opportunity to discuss trending, insightful topics in a lengthier format. In this way, you can start discussions, challenge theories and argue your point of view. Your opinion matters, and that's what your reader will find so fascinating.

Social media posts and paid adverts are great, but they often don't allow readers to get to know you up close. What does your company believe in? What topics are you industry experts in? What advice do you have to share? And so much more.

Blogs offer value to your followers before asking for anything back. Not only does this help to build your reputation and trust, but it also allows you to inspire. A powerful thing in cyber world! Start reaching billions of readers online, hungry for new ideas and perspectives.

Whether you're out to educate, inform or 'wow the crowds', our team can get you the exposure you're seeking:


Every brand has a different plan for what they'd like their blogs to do for their business. You may need them to be more sales-driven, an extension of your Sales and Marketing efforts. You may be more focused on brand awareness, the chance to promote your company's knowledge. Or you may not have a clue and not sure where to start! Whether you have a proposal to hand or not, our team will conduct in-depth research into your niche sector. We'll suggest topics to write about, as well as recommendations about word length and tone. We want to ensure your plan of action suits you and your business, and we're flexible to change it as required.

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Our writing team are both passionate and creative. And they're always on the search to make every piece of writing more impressive than the last. That's why you're in safe hands to receive blogs of top quality every time, whatever style you choose. Comedy writing that makes your reader smile with laughter? Top 10 lists of current trends to watch out for? Constructive discussion about the latest hot topic? We can cover all bases, and we're excited to get started! And that's not it. Your blog will always come with a custom graphic, because great words need a great visual partner. We'll proof read and deliver you a finished piece of content that's ready for your brand.


Wherever you're planning to publish your new blog, we are here to save you time and assist with getting it live. Founders may decide to add it to their personal social media, perhaps as a LinkedIn article. Or add more content to the blog page of your business website (which is great for SEO). Or you may be looking to expand exposure elsewhere and offer content to other platforms, e.g Medium or Quora. If you need us to publish it for you, that's no problem. We cater to your requirements so just tell us what you need.

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Your blog looks great and it's live online. Fab! Now let's get you some readers appreciating what you have to say. We can get your new link promoted across your social media pages, with a teaser caption and call to action. It's all about encouraging more traffic and a wider group of followers to your blog. More people that read your valuable insights creates more exposure for your brand. And a higher chance of commercial success. We call that a win-win!



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When it comes to success stories, we're a bit spoilt for choice. There are enough well-known blog websites, e.g Engadget, TechCrunch and Mashable. They all started life as very simple blogs. The Huffington Post, launched in 2005 is now a destination spot for online news, earning over $2.5 million a month.

There are plenty of individual bloggers who've made lucrative careers producing blog content. Pat Flynn built up a huge following for his inspiring blog It launched in 2008 and teaches people how to run online businesses. Lindsay Ostrom launched her website in 2009. Fans of this food blog adore the beautiful photography that accompanies every recipe. Plenty more blogging influencers have used their passion to write content enjoyed globally. And created successful businesses along the way.

There's a clear appetite for online content. 77% of Internet users read blogs and 95.9% would share this content on social media. Blogs rate as the 5th most trustworthy source for gathering online information. Professional marketing teams see the value in prioritising blogging within their business strategy. There's the opportunity to capture 67% more leads versus businesses with no activity.

All brands can benefit from more exposure, particularly amongst heavy competition. Business owners need to make sure customers know about them and what their product has to offer. On average, 60% of people buy a product after reading a blog post about it. It pays to get involved in the conversation, and finding a creative way to get heard.

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