10 reasons why you need a winter break

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10 reasons why you need a winter break

October 11, 2020
10 reasons why you need a winter break

e’ve officially left summer and we’re well on our way into the autumn and winter months. This doesn’t mean that the reasons to grab a quick break from the humdrum of working life have disappeared. Not at all, and the extra stress that we’re all going through is all the more reason to get away, with or without the family, this winter.

1. Getting out of the house

Now, this might be a bit obvious, but we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home. Whether working from home is your cup of tea or not, we can all agree that we’ve all been spending much more time at home than we would have originally liked. All of that makes it exactly the right time to be getting up and out of the house and taking a break from all the stress.

2. Reduce the stress levels

It’s been proven that going on holiday is a great way to reduce the stress that builds up in the day-to-day of working life. Get away, go for a walk along the beach, relax in a spa, it’s all part of that de-stressing process. Remember, high stress levels can lead down a whole other road, and we wouldn’t want any of that, would we? That’s why now’s the perfect time to take a break and get de-stressed.

3. Spend some time with family

Now, we know lots of people have been spending time around family, but how much of that time have you been able to actually spend with them? We mean proper quality time, not just quick conversations at mealtimes, and in these stressful times isn’t some quality time with family exactly what we all deserve?

4. Spend Christmas and New Year’s somewhere special

We make a big deal of the winter holidays, and for good reason. Whatever holiday you celebrate it’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, to celebrate and to light up the winter months with some festivities. Spice it up by going somewhere new and explore a new way of celebrating over the winter.

5. Get a proper winter in

We don’t get much in the way of “proper” snow and cold here in the UK. With variety being very much the spice of life, there’s never been a better time to experience a winter full of snow, ice and surprises. The more mountainous regions of Cyprus are the perfect place to discover a new side to the winter months...if you’re feeling brave enough.

6. Beat the crowds

If you think about it, getting away in the winter is a massive life-hack. You’re getting a proper holiday for a much lower price, and you’re avoiding all the horrible crowds and noisy children that would have been there otherwise! It’s a win-win situation so what’s stopping you from getting away this winter?

7. Find somewhere new

What makes winter such a great time to get away is all the places that just aren’t the same during the other seasons. Discover the world in a new light by getting out there and experiencing a side to it you probably have never seen before. Who knows, you might just find something you love.

8. Reflect

The winter break is a great time for the more introspective among us to reflect on the year that has passed by. Take some time to think about the events and actions of the last year and think about how it’s going to help you going forward. Maybe have a nice big mug of a hot drink of your choice in hand while you do though.

9. Get to the beaches that are still warm

Now, hear us out. One of the biggest hacks of getting away in the winter is that some of the seaside towns that are unbearably hot during the summer are actually kind of bearable for us Brits during the colder parts of the year. This includes parts of Cyprus where the Mediterranean remains at decent temperatures during the winter months.

10. It’s cheaper!

Now this one doesn’t need much explaining, but a holiday during the winter months can even be half the price of one during summer. So really, what’s the excuse? Get out there and get booking, a lovely winter break awaits. Doctor’s orders!

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