A Comparison of Agency vs Interns: Who you gonna call?

A Comparison of Agency vs Interns: Who you gonna call?

You’re the proud owner of the latest Bugatti Chiron. It’s your pride and joy, your baby. It cost enough for you to get the keys, and you’ll do whatever it takes to look after it. So – heaven forbid! – you find a fault in the engine...who are you going to entrust with it to fix? An apprentice who’s dabbled in a few fixups of old bangers in their garage? Or an expert, with years of experience under their belt dealing in a long line of supercars and premium vehicles?

Clearly, when something is precious and invaluable, you need specialist care. It’s a no-brainer, right?

It’s exactly the same when you’re thinking about your startup.

As founders and co-founders, our new business is our precious baby. You’ve spent time and money, sweat and tears thinking about a business concept, painstakingly proving its market fit, and meticulously planning its execution. So, when your startup business is finally up and running, and you’re looking to grow, you’ll be looking for the very best to help take you to the next level.

When it comes to marketing, founders are always searching for ways in which to get more ‘eye-balls’ on their startup. They need to widen their network as much as possible, giving their startup the best chance for more potential people to see what they’re doing, giving rise to new customers and exciting opportunities.

For this, you need the best. So... “Who ya gonna call?”

You’ve got two main options as early-stage founders for marketing assistance: 1) interns and virtual assistants, or 2) marketing agencies.

Understandably founders at this stage are tighter with budgets. They’re perhaps still bootstrapping their young startup or have secured only a small first round of investment. Even if they’re already generating good sales every month, budgets are a massive consideration and will affect all business decisions made.

These founders often turn to hiring interns for easy, casual support to their marketing efforts. Interns can be brought on last-minute, and on a commitment-free temporary basis, and paid a minimum wage or [sometimes] even nothing at all. Virtual assistants offer much of the same benefits, and the freedom of turning this support tap on and off at such ease is highly appealing.

But there’s a massive drawback to this kind of support to your marketing campaign. And that’s the quality.

Sure, with an intern, you can ask them to post a picture on Instagram, and they’ll do it. But who’s delivering you those crucial extra ideas? Who’s advising on your overall strategy? Who’s coming up with a long-term plan for your posts, and how to keep reinventing yourself to maximise opportunity?

Dealing with an agency that has experience and knowledge can make all the difference to your startup. It’s your ticket to a barrage of new ideas, as talented marketing agents will understand the need to constantly find ways to improve the campaign and come armed with the suggestions to do new things.

Marketing agencies are responsible for building a blueprint for your content. It’s not just about posting every so often on our socials, or getting a newsletter written up etc. There’s far more to it. Mapping out a detailed strategy of the objectives, the content, the topics, the hashtags, the graphical templates, the revisions, the analysis, the calendar and so much more. That needs a lot of work and a lot of organisation behind it. Behind every post is a list of who, what, where, when, why and how.

Take the way we work at blazon, for example...

We’re ideas people. Always have been, always will be. In fact, we only hire effortlessly creative people to join our team, as it’s important for us to be surrounded by people who won’t stop at the bare minimum but are prepared to challenge the status quo and come up with bigger, bolder and better suggestions. Our motto at blazon is simple: we’re only as good as our last post. So, we push ourselves every single day to come up with more creative ideas than the day before.

Our startup clients benefit from this the most. Obvs! Their marketing campaigns are always changing, always evolving and we’re the ones pushing to try new things and testing new ideas. Constantly. We build on both our understanding of startups and marketing knowledge to deliver the best solutions. And the results speak for themselves. The feedback we get from our clients is that they trust our advice, value our enthusiasm and rely on our creativity.  Their precious startups get the best care out there.

As with any business decision, of course it depends on your own circumstance what option you choose and what path you follow. Every selection has merit and will be right for you at that time.

But we understand startups. And we understand founders. And so, we get that your startup is as precious as your shiny new Bugatti...and we promise to look after it as such.