Can Creating an App for your Startup Help You Scale?

Can Creating an App for your Startup Help You Scale?

Scaling your startup and keeping up with the latest trends is something that’s on your mind as a founder 24/7. You’re probably wondering if there’s anything out there to make these easier for you whilst being effective and worth the investment… Creating an app for your startup might be worth some consideration.

The facts

·      Over half of all millennial-owned business have an app.

·      42% of all small businesses have an app.

·      The typical American spends an average of four and a half hours on their phone daily with 90% of that time being spent on different apps.

·      The mobile app market has become one of the fastest-growing sectors with an estimate of £311, 249 million market value in the year 2023.

·      Using an app is the preferred option for many consumers due to convenience and the enhanced shopping experience they offer.

The benefits

Being customer-centric equals growth and brand loyalty

There is a demand for businesses to offer apps to their consumers. Smartphone users turn to apps for accomplishing tasks throughout their day, whether it’s learning a language, shopping, or exercising, there is an app for it all. So, when it comes to incorporating your startup into your consumers everyday life, ensuring growth and brand loyalty, developing an app is the way to go.

Apps also bridge the gap between your startup and your consumer. You can keep them engaged solely on your business through an app developed by your company, as when they use it, they won’t be surrounded by the various other companies fighting for their attention in the noise of social media.

Having an app means having a one-stop shop for all your consumer’s needs. They can communicate with you, be a part of conversations, generate buzz, and find everything they could possibly need conveniently in one place. Your startup becomes customer-centric, as everything will revolve around their experience, feedback, and needs.

Developing your startups brand with ease

Releasing an app will set you apart from your competition and gives you the perfect platform to really let your beautiful branding shine. Releasing an app means you’ve got somewhere to hone your branding in one space. From fonts, to colour palette, to tone, your branding will need to be consistent across the board and an app is where you can really set your startup up with a sophisticated image.

Making way for your niche

There will be a consumer, or a few, out there, looking every day for an app relating to your startup’s niche. Think of how they’d feel when, finally, their prayers are answered, and they see your app available for download. They’ll share it with everyone else who is interested in your niche, allowing you to reach a wider audience and boost sales.

No matter what your industry niche is, there is an audience waiting to download and use an app for.

Seamless revenue generation

Have you ever gone to buy a product online only to be faced with the most ridiculous gymnastics to purchase the item? If reaching that payment screen is filled with too many pages and obstacles, consumers will abandon their carts and will be unlikely to return to your site. They’ll also warn their friends from ordering from a certain site if they’ve found it difficult, meaning less opportunities for your startup to reach the masses.

Purchasing through an app usually takes one or two clicks and reaching that almighty checkout screen is faster. Offering mobile payments through an app boosts sales and will mean users will recommend your app to their friends – facilitating your scalability.

Collecting insights and analytics

An app allows for you to collect consumer data relating to their preferences, usage patterns, demographic information, and buying triggers. This data can then be used to inform you on what’s working, what isn’t, what they’re looking for, if there’s something that needs improving, and areas where you could reach a wider audience – all lending themselves to your scalability.

In conclusion…

There is an app available for anything. Really, try searching for the most niche thing you can think of, there will be at least one app for it. So, why shouldn’t your startup also be in the mix? It makes your life as a founder easier and the lives of your consumers, all while helping you scale along the way.