Can Blogging on Medium Boost Your Startup’s Visibility?

Can Blogging on Medium Boost Your Startup’s Visibility?

Medium is a blogging platform that’s available for anyone to use, whether you’re reading or posting, and is home to thousands of publications and thought leaders. It’s unique for a blogging platform as it marries blogging with aspects of social media, such as clapping for the content you’ve enjoyed and how their algorithm ensures that the content you’ll like to see is at the top of your feed.

Since its creation in 2012, the site has only gone up in usage and credibility, with it now being in the list of the top 100 websites. It attracts over 120 million readers a month who are interested in what the authors are having to say, as the site itself is regarded as a more sophisticated, quality over quantity, storytelling platform.

Is it worth creating an account?

In short, yes.

Boosting visibility with a Medium account

As a founder, you’ll always be looking for ways to reach new audiences and make new connections. Medium allows for further brand recognition and a growing follower base just by posting on there. It averages over 200 million views a month and with just over 100,000 writers present on the site, there is more than enough room for your startup.

Though this point doesn’t have much to do with visibility, it’s a nice incentive anyway: there’s opportunity for blogging on Medium to become another source of income. Their Medium Partner Program facilitates subscriptions for readers and will pay the blogger based on how much time a reader spends reading the article, rather than paying by word.

Back to boosting visibility…

Now, advertising on Medium is different than what you’d expect. Rather than promoting your startup’s products or services, advertising on Medium is the space to grow a following and exposure. Your target audience are most likely tired of having ads upon ads thrown upon them every time they step foot on the internet. With Medium, you can entertain an audience with your writing, whilst subtly hinting at a product with carefully placed hyperlinks rather than an all-singing-all-dancing advert they’ll not pay attention to.

You don’t even have to create new content to go on the site. Buffer, the social media account management, posted older evergreen content to Medium, promoted it through their Twitter, and saw their views jump by 1215% in just a couple of days.

Publishing content regularly will further help boost your startups visibility. Audiences on Medium are voracious readers and feeding their appetite with frequent content will keep them coming back, they’ll be more likely to anticipate content, and share it with their network as your startup will be seen as trustworthy.

Your brands trustworthiness will already be in high regard from just posting on Medium. It will also boost your authority, as Medium posters and readers are here to share and retain as much information as possible, which can mean boosting traffic to your website and social media pages.

The platform has a high Domain Authority meaning if your content shines on Medium, your startup will have more chance at ranking higher on search engine result pages. This is a big thing if you’re just starting out and getting those quality backlinks seem like a far-off goal.

Though, if creating your own account and posting just from there feels like too daunting of a task, there are many opportunities to collaborate and write for publications on Medium. There is a publication out there for every niche, with readers who can’t wait to find their next favourite writer to support, so why not let that be you? The Startup is Medium’s most popular and most active publication with over 750,000 followers.

Final thoughts

It may seem like yet another platform to be creating content for, but it could be incredibly useful to increase your startup’s visibility. It’s already a well-established site with millions of readers eagerly awaiting their next read. Plus, it’s free to sign up, so what is there to lose?

If publishing on Medium actually feels quite large and scary, contact us at blazon. Our team are on hand to help you create content that will stand out in the crowd.