Ear Ear! Make Yourself Heard with Your Own Podcast

Ear Ear! Make Yourself Heard with Your Own Podcast

Podcasts. They’re everywhere. Everyone is starting one because they think the world needs to hear what they have to say, their musings, their stories – and while some of them can be a load of waffle, the majority are golden. There’s been a steady rise in podcasts from startup founders as they’re a way to share news and knowledge of your sector in a more conversational and digestible way, so why shouldn’t you be the next podcast star?

Everyone listens to podcasts their own ways, and that’s the key. Everyone is listening to them. In the US, 50% of all homes are podcast fans, which is over 60 million homes that listen to podcasts actively. In the UK, over 7 million people listen to podcasts weekly – a number that is only growing. These are people you may have missed otherwise, as audiences will listen to podcasts in any way they see fit. They can be taken on the go, whilst doing housework, in the gym… anywhere were reading an email or a Tweet might be a bit of a stretch, listening to a podcast the way forward.

On a personal note, for you as a founder, recording a podcast might seem more manageable than filming a video. There’s no denying the effectiveness of video marketing, but not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. No matter how hard we wish, we can’t all be Chris Evans, so consider how you feel about recording your voice instead.

Like with any piece of content you create, your podcast really needs to cater to your niche. There are listeners out there, searching for a series on your specific niche, and maybe they haven’t found a good one yet – until yours comes along. You could be the leading voice and the most trustworthy based on having a podcast alone, and that is unmissable. If they enjoy it and think it is of worth (which, how could they not?), it is likely they’ll recommend it to their friends or post about it on their social media. We all love to have the air of intelligence and being highbrow, so letting people know you listen to podcasts by sharing it on social media is a one way of doing that. Thus, (see – highbrow) you’ll be getting more traffic.

A lot of content marketing is based on the reward of forming better relationships with your audience, and surprise, surprise, having a podcast helps massively with that. It shapes familiarity and trust as the nature of podcasts is that they’re quite intimate; listeners really get to know who is speaking, and if they’re actively listening each time you release an episode, it says to them that you have something in common, encouraging conversation and participation. A podcast humanises you in such a way that will only increase your reach.

An increased reach means an increase in sales with 54% of podcast consumers saying they’ve thought about buying advertised products featured in episodes. Advertising on podcasts is a big deal compared to, say, advertising on Instagram. Advertising on a platform like Instagram is fleeting, it is so easy for a user to just scroll by without paying attention. Whereas those that listen to podcasts are making a commitment and are usually more tuned in. This reach also covers a wide demographic as 67% of podcast audiences are people between 18 and 44-years-old, with a larger chunk of that demographic being millennials. Studies have shown they consume audio-based media more than all others, so if you can catch their attention early, you’ll have long-lasting customers.

They’re a great way to repurpose your content. If you have any social media accounts, you’ve got material for your podcast. You can base entire episodes on a single Tweet you wanted to expand on more but couldn’t because of the darned character limit. Maybe an interesting discussion started in the comments of one of your LinkedIn posts – a podcast is a great way to keep that conversation going. Taking the time to focus in on what your followers are saying and adding to that conversation lets your followers see the value you bring, and how you value them. Not only do you not have to think much to come up with topics for each episode, but you’re also further showing how much you value your customers. It’s a win-win.

Having those conversations increase your authority as a company. Think about it, if your competition doesn’t have a podcast themselves, but you do, your target audience are more likely to trust your product because you believe in your industry so much, you’re creating extra content surrounding it. It cements your title as an expert on this subject and tells your audience that they should be listening to you, over anyone else.

For you, they’re a cost-effective way of getting your startup out there. There are many free, or low-cost, programs out there for you to record and edit your episodes in and with the availability of apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, it is now easier than ever to start your own. Gaining traction at the beginning may take some time, but by consistently releasing episodes, you’ll gain an invaluable resource of a highly engaged and supportive listenership you wouldn’t find from other platforms.

If this still hasn’t twisted your arm into starting a podcast, contact us and we can help you plan your way to success with a series that displays your knowledge and greatness as a startup.