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From Cyprus, With Love

September 28, 2020
From Cyprus, With Love

yprus, the jewel of the Mediterranean. There’s a lot to be discovered in Cyprus, and don’t let its size fool you, there’s a whole world to discover. The best things come in small packages, as they say. It’s a place with so much more to offer than sun, sea, and sand.

You’ll have to come visit to experience it yourself.

Cyprus finds itself at the crossroads of continents, between Europe, Asia and Africa, and you can see exactly that in its history. Humans have inhabited Cyprus for around 10,000 years, but the fun really starts in around 2000BC with the invention of the first wine, the Commandaria. The Ancient Greeks believed that the island was the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, and her human lover Adonis.

After that, Cyprus goes from one empire to another, with each leaving a part of their culture on the island. Alexander the Great, Ptolemy, Rome, and Byzantium would be the landlords of Cyprus all the way until the Middle Ages, but Greek would become the dominant culture and language during this period.

It all gets a little complicated during the Crusades, as Cyprus switched hands between the Ottoman Empire, Venice, Crusader armies, and for the first time an independent Cyprus under the rule of a French noble. Each leaves its mark on the island, a bit of history, a bit of culture and a bit of tradition.

Possibly unsurprisingly, Greece and Cyprus share a lot in common. The people see each other as brothers and sisters, and consequently there’s plenty that is the same across the two countries, like stories and food.

The cuisine finds itself trapped between all the cultures around it: there’s a whole lot of Greek, a good amount of Turkish, some Lebanese and a sprinkling of all the others. There’s of course the classic meze, halloumi and, unsurprisingly for a Mediterranean island, lots of seafood. There’s also the fine selection of Cypriot wines and brandy, and you can find some lokum (the Cypriot version of Turkish Delight), and Soutzoukos which is a delicious fruit and nut sweet dish.

The super healthy people of Cyprus are helped along by their super healthy diets, which include lots of seafood, dairy and salads and a helpful serving of exercise and sunshine.

There are just so many fantastic places to visit in Cyprus, and there’s something for every type of traveller. For the history buff, there’s the ruins of Ancient Greek sites and the Crusade castles to explore. For the artists, there’s all the amazing Gothic architecture and the galleries of Nicosia to discover. The lush countryside is the perfect destination for the adventurers among us, and the beaches are the only place to be for those of us who love to relax on holiday.

Cyprus is full of stories just waiting to be told, and it’s up to you to find out what the Island of Love is all about. Come over, give us a visit and discover your own Cyprus.

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