Get Your Startup Involved in Small Business Saturday

Get Your Startup Involved in Small Business Saturday

Back in 2010, American Express had the idea to start Small Business Saturday. It mainly took place in America for a few years, falling just after Thanksgiving and kicking off the holiday shopping season. It’s a dedicated day every year for everyone to support and celebrate small business (and that includes startups, yay!) and encourage them to get out and shop at their local stores.

It usually takes place right smack-bang in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday… anyone else worried about their bank accounts already? However, it’s all for a good cause, or so we tell ourselves to feel better, as we’re encouraged to support the backbone of the economy and get some unique gifts for loved ones (and yourself) as a result.

Here in the UK, Small Business Saturday has been taking place for eight years running, with 2021 being the ninth. It had a record-breaking run last year that saw £1.1 billion spent on small business across the country on the day. It’s also the perfect place to get your name out there and as many eyes as possible on your startup.

Who can get involved?

The smart-ass answer is small businesses. However, the more helpful answer is businesses that have less than 500 employees. Any type of business, or startups for that matter, can get involved, whether you’re a family business, local shop, online store, or small manufacturer – there’s space for you at Small Business Saturday.

How to make a splash

The first step is making sure you let your customers and those interested in Small Business Saturday that your startup is involved. Make noise about it. Email your consumers, post about it on social media, plaster it on your website, and if you have a physical space, display posters. It’s an exciting thing to be a part of so let everyone else in on that.

Offer your potential customers a special deal they can only get if they purchase today. No one can resist a good bargain, especially if they’re thinking of getting it as a present for a loved one. You know your startup best and with Small Business Saturday, you can set any offer you please.

It’s a great place to network. We all need people who know about our jobs as a bit of extra support sometimes… and maybe some healthy competition every once in a while, and being a part of this is a brilliant way to get in touch with other startups like yours.

If you’re an online-based startup only, you’re still welcome! That may entice people further. As the world has become more reliant on online shopping and eCommerce, taking place in Small Business Saturday can still exist, whether it’s offers on your site or you’ve created an exclusive pop-up experience.

The benefits

The most obvious one is extending your reach and increasing your customer base. It’s a way to get many, many eyes on your startup and interested in supporting you further and ensuring brand loyalty. You may also discover an audience you weren’t aware of, opening your startup to endless possibilities.

What goes hand in hand with extended reach? You guessed it! Your sales should see a boost and we don’t need to tell you why that is a benefit of getting involved this Small Business Saturday. Last year in the US, $19.8 billion was spent on the day and more sales are expected to take place this year. Customers spending money on small businesses and showing their support makes everyone feel good, which is definitely a benefit in itself.

It’s an easy place to market in. Everyone is there to discover unique products and services from small business and startups, so half the battle is already won. It becomes an incentive for consumers to buy from you by taking part in the day, so there really is no downside to taking part.

In conclusion…

If you’re after a way to get your name out there and get more eyes on your startup, getting involved in Small Business Saturday is the answer to your prayers. If you’d like advice on how to market your startup to make the most of the day, get in contact with us at blazon and we will be on hand to help.