How accessible is makeup?

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How accessible is makeup?

July 15, 2020
How accessible is makeup?

ockdown is easing up! This is great news for the beauty and makeup industry, as boutiques and salons are slowly able to return to some kind of normality.

Back to normal life

While it might still be different for a little while, as technicians and retailers adopt masks and visors to keep everyone safe, we’re confident that anyone involved in the beauty industry will be able to adapt and overcome these changes.

The world slowly reopening will certainly have an impact on people’s lifestyles and a welcome change to their routines. With bars, pubs and restaurants now back open to the public, people have an excuse to get dressed up and made up for a socially distanced evening out.

A summer of new trends

There are plenty of new trends to embrace and have fun with coming out of the lockdown, and masks heavily feature as an accessory piece, with some luxury brands and independent designers already hard at work making some exquisite and striking pieces. With mask wearing becoming a part of our outdoor look, a trend we’ll likely see going forward is a real emphasis on colour around the eyes and playing up the eye area more. With the vibrant lip colours hidden under a mask, will makeup aficionados be using eyeshadow and lashes to inject some colour into their palette?

We’ve got to say, it’s the perfect time to get started on a new trend. With summer just arriving now in full strength, and the hot weather allowing us to transition into our summer wardrobes, it’s an excellent opportunity to be bold and have fun with top-to-toe fashion. We’ve seen so many people across social media kickstart their summer with totally new looks and aesthetics to embrace the new post-lockdown era and we’re loving it.

Good for mental health

It’s important to look at the impact of makeup on mental health. We understand and appreciate just how makeup can affect people’s spirits and have the power to lift them up – nowhere was that more apparent than during lockdown, with no usual work or social interactions.

But now, just having a reason once again to put a full face of makeup on and step outside looking your best, will have such a significant impact on peoples’ wellbeing. Mental health is always a very important conversation to be having, and the return to normality in so many aspects of life will have a magical effect on wellbeing for so many people.

Try before you buy

Something that might not be the same as we exit lockdown is the shopping experience. At presents, shops are no longer able to do demonstrations, assist with applying products or even provide testers. It therefore will become very difficult to access and purchase makeup in this new environment and has meant that lots of people are now switching to buying their products online, as the main reason for going into a shop was being able to try the makeup on before buying it and get professional advice.

Sadly, we might see some shops not reopening at all after lockdown, with some retailers desperately struggling to maintain their business during the pandemic. Larger chains like John Lewis and Boots have recently announced that they have had to lay off some staff due to the economic impact of the coronavirus.

As a result, customers may slowly be looking to apps and websites for products, and we might just see some more brands put more focus into developing their online presence to respond to the changing market.

New tips and tricks

So, with many beauty gurus looking to upgrade their makeup skills and itching to try new styles and trends as we exit lockdown, people are therefore asking the question, “how do I access new makeup and learn more now that shops are no longer doing demos and workshops?”

Our first (and obvious!) suggestion naturally would be the WOW HOW app, which as you know lets you try new techniques and designs in the comfort of your own home and alongside professional guidance – the perfect tool to help get you started.

But we’ve also seen lots of fantastic online resources showing new ways of doing even the simplest things. Makeup experts haven’t been taking this lockdown period as time off in the slightest, and the sheer number of videos, vlogs, blogs, and guides uploaded online has been amazing to see.

Whatever way the beauty industry continues to develop and adapt, we’re sure we’ll see some fantastic work coming out of this dynamic community. Sure, there are some differences in the look and feel of accessing and buying makeup, and a lot of things are not how they used to be, but it shouldn’t put you off being bold and brave to try something new. Show off your style and leave your house…and go have fun!

To try the WOWHOW app yourself, just download for FREE:

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