How Remote Working helps Marketing your Startup

Whether we intended to or not, the pandemic forced the majority of the workforce into remote working. There were some companies (like us) already geared for remote setup. But others had to quickly figure out new processes and systems to remain productive.

But is remote working so bad?

We’re a bit biased, yes, but we actually reckon that for marketing for’s an absolute godsend! Don’t believe me? Well, read on!

Free Range Quality Content

If you’re a startup looking to stand out, you’re looking for marketing content that’s “next-level”. Average won’t cut through the noise of social media, you need excellence. Right?

Here’s a question for you: When you buy eggs, do you go for free range or factory farmed? Consumers who care about quality go for the free range option. Free range chickens are relaxed, unrestricted and happier. Their eggs have more nutrients and are considered superior. It’s kinda the same with content.

I’m certainly not comparing our writers and graphics designers to chickens (!!). But there’s something to say about creating in a more relaxed personal space. When you’re at home, there is freedom to work in a way that suits you. Creative juices flow at different times and in different ways for everyone. A blog may get written at 11pm, an Instagram graphic may be designed early morning, you may be writing up website content with your feet dipped in a paddling pool in the garden.  When you’re remotely working, there is a greater chance to ignore the restraints of fixed timings, processes, co-worker activities etc, and concentrate on quality.

Startups need marketing material that’s consistent, accurate but also has that edgy ‘wow-factor’. Having a content team behind them armed with experience, creative licence and freedom, will surely take their marketing to a whole new level.

Reinvest that Time Saved

Achieving a consistent brand message means you’re churning out a ton of content, a lot of the time. And that means that every minute of your time as a content marketer is valuable.

With remote working, you’re saying farewell to long journeys to an office and time spent in daily commuting. We’ve done the maths, and the final figure of time saved is eye-watering! Commuting is not all doom and gloom of course, and you can be productive while you wait for your train. In our experience however, it’s much harder to produce awesome content while squeezed into a Tube or on a crowded bus.

When it comes to client meetings, remote working means that the vast majority of those meetings are conducted virtually. There’s nothing like getting to know someone in person and speaking face to face. However, busy founders with their noses to the ground have less time for meetings at all, least of all travelling somewhere for it.

As a startup, you need to ensure your time is spent wisely. There’s a lot of justifying for founders of whether things like events, meetings etc are worthwhile for them or not, particularly worth the journey. The same goes for the marketing agency that’s servicing a startup’s needs. If less time is spent in the travelling and commuting, that’s precious time that can be reinvested into the marketing content and the startup they’re working with.

Virtual alternatives to meetings, events, team catchups etc have become progressively better as we continue through the pandemic. Strategy sessions, creative brainstorms, design template demos etc. Technology has really evolved and so has the mindset of people. So much can be done efficiently and excellently in a remote working setup and more workers are realising this.

Bang for your Buck

You’ve saved an enormous amount of time and you’re producing premium-quality content, all thanks to operating remotely. That sounds like heaven to a startup, surely there can’t be anything sweeter? Well, I haven’t talked money yet...

Having a content marketer that’s remote instead of based in a physical office means considerable cost savings. There is a massive investment to make for a marketing agency to have a bricks-and-mortar space for their creative team. Rent, operational costs, insurance, extra staff etc, the list goes on.

Certainly, the merits of a physical office depend greatly on the size of the marketing agency. We appreciate that. However, if your creative team can operate so successfully remotely, then it begs the question: can you justify that extra expense?

And I haven’t even gotten onto the best part of this arrangement. The cost-savings of remote working and remotely produced content marketing can all be passed onto you: the startup. That’s an enormous advantage to founders on tight budgets, those bootstrapping their business and carefully considering every penny of investment.

Deal or no deal?

As with everything in life, it depends. Great marketing for a startup can be achieved in a bunch of different ways. And the decisions you make, both as a marketing agency or as a founder, will vary based on your circumstance, your business and your own preferences.

But it’s worth considering whether remote working can offer you better marketing for your startup. If remote working was only ever a temporary pathway during the pandemic, consider whether making it closer to full-time could benefit you. And if you’ve never tried it, give it a test run and see how it compares.

At blazon, we pride ourselves on our remote setup. It’s a system that works for us and presents far more benefits than not. We’re able to stay united with our growing team, in constant communication with our clients fully connected to their activity and changing strategy and deliver consistently awesome content day after day. The cost savings go straight back to our startup clients, and the time savings go straight into making every blog, every graphic, every social media post, every newsletter... better than the last.

Nargis Jafferali
July 26, 2021
Written By:
Nargis Jafferali