How to Amuse Kids During Lockdown

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How to Amuse Kids During Lockdown

April 10, 2020
How to Amuse Kids During Lockdown


Since ‘life in lockdown’ is still the hottest topic at the moment, particularly with families being obliged to spend a lot more time at home, we've created a list of top tips to keep the kids amused while at home, including activities, tips for home-schooling and nutritional advice. While we’re sure you’re doing the most to keep your kids occupied during these tough times, we’d love to be able to help you balance the responsibilities of work with your newly found childcare duties.

Get Healthy

Eating healthy is, and always will be, the most important thing. The pandemic and the lockdown may mean you have to keep the shop visits to a minimum, but many have been making the most of their newly found free time to get into cooking more homemade meals. While this will of course be easiest for those who have the time and space to prepare lavish feasts, even those with the lack of room or childcare duties can up their culinary game over the next few months.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive either, with most fresh fruit and vegetables still very affordable. You may have to go back to doing a weekly shop, as those of us who liked to pop in for fresh produce every few days are now being encouraged to shop less often, however, this doesn’t mean that a healthy shop is impossible. 

A simple step to get the whole family eating fruits is to combine them with something a little more “enjoyable”. How about drizzling some honey on to slices of apple or the classic chocolate on a strawberry? At the very least, this will make the 5-a-day much easier for the kids, and it may slowly get them to understand that there is nothing to fear from eating fruits! 

There are also a multitude of online cookbooks and recipe lists that can provide easy, inexpensive and delicious recipes that can be cooked quickly to make sure the whole family eats healthy. We would recommend apps like BBC Good Food, which has been an indispensable tool for so many already, allowing you to find recipes based on the ingredients that you have in the kitchen. We love this as it not only allows those who might not have the most expansive pantries to make the most of their purchases, but it cuts down on waste since we’re using the items we might have otherwise thrown out.

Get Digital

On the note of making the most of digital resources to keep everyone occupied during the lockdown, we cannot forget the absolute blessing that technology has been for those of us trying to balance raising a child with working full or part-time. iPads and other tablets have been key in keeping kids occupied during the day, and we haven’t even come close to unlocking their full potential. There are so many clever little apps and games that can keep anyone occupied for hours on end.

We can also thank online media for hours of TV and movies to keep us occupied.Netflix and Prime Video can be credited for many an evening indoors, and the launches of Disney+ and BritBox have saturated that market to the point that we are now able to shop around for the offering that suits us the most. 

Something lots of us have been struggling with is schools being shut. Parents certainly have a new appreciation for the fantastic work that teachers do on a regular basis. The tools that are out there to keep kids educated while they are away from school are also fantastic; from language learning apps, to video-conferencing sites to keep them in touch with school friends, kids can get fairly close to a bona-fide school experience from the comfort of home.

Get Creative

This lockdown has been a great opportunity for the artistically minded people among us, and it might not be too bad for those that lack the artsy spirit. It’s the perfect time to start getting more creative in your free time, whether that means getting the paints out, or just doodling on a notepad. Expressing ourselves creatively can be such a great way to release any bottled-up emotions that may build up during these tough times.

Creative activities can also be a great family activity! Getting the kids together to create something can be a great way to get some of that extra energy out of them. However, it may get a little messy, so do be prepared, and who knows, it may unlock some hidden talents in the kids. We have all seen the fantastic rainbows that many children have made to support our key workers, and we may just have a generation of budding artists on the horizon.

We do hope that you are all keeping safe during these times, and that our ideas have given you a little #lockdowninspo for the coming weeks.

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