Live and Let Livestream: Why It’s Not just for Gamers and Vloggers

Live and Let Livestream: Why It’s Not just for Gamers and Vloggers

Hey gamers, welcome to the stream. Today’s topic is all about how you can use livestreaming for your startup.

Though this isn’t coming to you in the form of a livestream, it is a fact that livestreaming is no longer only for the top gamers and vloggers now. In fact, the pool of streamers has grown astronomically this past year with many in the entertainment industry especially having to turn to new mediums to continue working. Platforms like Twitch have been able to give people a steady income and a place to work that they haven’t thought about before. It’ll get said a lot, but the opportunities for startups are endless.

Livestreaming is one of the newer, yet underrated, additions to your content marketing strategy. It may take some investment of time, and perhaps money, but the rewards it can bring will outweigh that. The main benefits you can receive from streaming is bringing value to your customers and a healthy boost to your reach online, which is nothing to sniff at, I’m sure you’ll agree. Particularly when you find out that 82% of people prefer a live video from a brand over a standard social media post.

However, what content do you stream? Gamers have it simply set out: they play video games or tabletop games that take their fancy. Vloggers stream to do Q&A’s or live reactions to a product. Comedians, singers, and actors will livestream their performances, maybe an entire show or a sneak preview of something new. Each category of streamer has their topics set out quite nicely. So, where does that leave you?

It’s in our nature as humans to be as curious (aka nosy) as possible when faced with things we don’t do ourselves, and this includes what goes on behind the scenes in businesses. Everyone wants to peek behind the curtain, no matter the warning the Wizard of Oz gave us, because it is an unknown and we want to know how founders go about their founder-ing. Those on social media want to know that they’re getting exclusive information and livestreams are one way to give that to them. 87% of people will watch a livestream if it includes some behind-the-scenes content.

Nowadays, all you really need to go live is a steady internet connection and a phone. Instagram has made it possibly too easy for anyone with an account to go live whenever the mood takes them and for whatever reason they can think of. Your content, on the other hand, will be of much more value. Plus, live video has a higher viewer retention rate as viewers are ten times as likely to watch a live video than one that’s on-demand.

Depending on the sector your startup falls into, the most common livestreams you can conduct are Q&A’s, lectures, tutorials, product launches, trade shows, discussions, and anything else you can think of. If you’ve got a podcast with a solid number of followers, you can host a live version where you collab with a guest.

The biggest piece of advice that can be given when it comes to livestreaming is to listen to what your audience wants to see. There is no doubt that they will let you know when something is or isn’t working, and if you regularly update them of any events you go to, listen to them when they say they wish they could be there, or how interesting it sounds. It all makes for content that your audience wants to watch.

By taking on board what your audience is asking to see, you’ll be building that all important level of trust, which will lead to more engagement and more startup loyalty. It increases your credibility as well, as you’re showing that you take the time out to listen to what your viewers want.

You can pre-empt the knowing what your audience wants by conducting, you guessed it, research! If you come out of the gate with content that answers all the burning questions your customers have ever had about your startup, that would probably feel like Christmas to them, and they’ll remember how amazing you are the next time they’re looking to buy something from your niche. It shows them that you’re a leader in your sector and that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and news.

As you’ll know an important element your content marketing should have is authenticity, and what better way to show that to your demographic than through live, raw, and unedited footage? Livestreams show that there is not just a face to the startup, but a voice and a personality that they can witness live from the comfort of their own home and possibly yours.

Believe it or not, there is an audience out there for anything and anyone. You do not need to be the funniest or the most entertaining person on the planet. Far from it, some of the most popular livestreams have been for events like conferences and trade shows. If your livestream can provide people with knowledge they can’t get anywhere else, they will keep coming back to you.

Livestreaming is a powerful medium that can make your viewers feel involved, heard, interacted with, and part of something exclusive. Livestreaming can feel, for your audience, like a reward for following you and that the knowledge you’re giving out on these streams is something rare and to be celebrated.

So, live and let livestream, who knows where the opportunities will take you?