Staying Resilient in HR

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Staying Resilient in HR

July 20, 2020
Staying Resilient in HR

eing an HR professional can be a lonely business. Not quite feeling part of an organisation and being seen as outsiders by the rest of your colleagues is quite a tiring way to work. Never quite feeling like you’re “one of them” and having to keep a certain amount of professional distance can be quite difficult.

The plight of an HR professional

A healthy amount of separation comes integrated with the role, with an implication of total impartiality that you really do have to maintain at all times. Otherwise, being seen as “too friendly” with some departments or individuals can be quite distracting or even make working life more difficult. If that shield of impartiality is even slightly damaged, it may have an impact on any conflict resolution, with the accusation of favouritism or bias never too far away.

HR can be a lonely walk of life, especially in a SME, where HR departments can sometimes be just a couple of people. That’s why we feel it’s so important for HR professionals to be able to reach out beyond just their organisation. In order to be able to speak out about any issue with other experienced professionals. Sometimes, it can even just be an opportunity to blow off some steam with a group of people that understand what’s going on.

Being in HR can sometimes feel so isolating, never fully part of a business but similarly never quite independent. However, we believe that the opportunity to interact with others in similar situations can be quite the cathartic experience. We aren’t facing the same issues as the HR professionals of the olden times, as we have ample opportunities to go beyond the confines of our organisation to keep in touch with professionals in our field from all over the world.

One of the other woes of being in Human Resources is the expectation to be a source of any and all knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it’s even slightly related to our field, colleagues will invariably come to us for the answers to their questions. While it might not quite be in the job description, it has almost become an informal part of the role to be a bit of a search engine for any professional, or even unprofessional, knowledge.

While the knowledge itself might be easy enough to come by, it’s the application that can cause issues for even the brainiest workplaces.Years of working in a field does tend to develop a certain way of going about it that can’t be taught from a book.

Resilience (or a lack of it)

With so many organisations going through some serious changes in the Covid and post-Covid eras, the role of resilience in the wider organisation really cannot be understated. It can be quite the responsibility to shoulder, as being the resilient role models for a whole company be quite the task. However, studies consistently show that strong resilience allows individuals to work at their best during times of stress, with the same applying for businesses.

It might not be popular with the rest of the workforce, but resilience training really does have a huge impact on the resilience of an organisation overall. While your colleagues might claim to be ‘bored out of their minds’ by the training, you can be safe and sound in the knowledge that the work is ensuring strength for the business in the long-term. A lack of proper resilience and associated training can be catastrophic for a business in a very stressful time like this. Don’t let it be yours…

Where do we go from here?

In a rapidly changing world, the role of HR within an organisation is developing in a way that none of us could have seen coming. The need for solid leadership and ethical standards has never been greater. HumanResources professionals must step up and forward into those roles, to make sure that business is able to maintain a certain level of ethics.

The future of business is uncertain, between the very real pressures of a global pandemic and financial downturn, and the more holistic impacts of a rapidly changing culture and society. The role of HumanResources in the businesses of the future might just be a difficult one to define, but with the massive amounts of talent that we have seen to be emerging across the industry, we think they’ll be more than capable.

The evolution of the HR profession throughout the decades has been a pleasure to look back on, and we do hope to see that evolution continue throughout the “post-Covid” era. As the return to normality continues, the race will be back on for HR professionals to develop methods and practices to grapple with the new status quo, but again, from all the talent we’ve seen, we’re confident they’ll do fantastic.

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