The top 5 skills every Content Writer needs

The top 5 skills every Content Writer needs

Producing content is a big deal, but how big is ‘big’? According to MarketWatch, the global content marketing industry was over $36.7 million in 2018. By 2026, it should generate $107.5 million.

To help them grow, more businesses try to source the very best Content Marketing Agencies. Thus, the market has become very competitive, all producing so much information online. You’ll need to make sure your Content Writers have the skills to create standout content. Content that cuts through the noise.

We’re breaking down the top 5 skills every Content Writer should have:

1. Social Media gurus

It helps a Content Writer to have experience with Social Media and be comfortable using it. This helps to understand what content already exists and in what format. But it also shows how your content will fit in these platforms. Knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the platforms’ algorithms is vital. It can enable your content to be far more successful. It also ensures your content will have more engagement from your target audience.

2. Creative experts

Every second person is putting out content online, and it’s a noisy arena. So, a successful Content Writer needs to be original with a barrage of creative ideas. It’s about taking your brief and putting a unique spin on the project by thinking outside of the box. Bland writing doesn’t work to connect to an audience. They’re looking for striking insightful information that impresses them and resonates. Content Writers should be able to adapt to various styles, depending on what the aim of the piece is. (And do so with little effort.)

3. Research crazy

A great Content Writer will understand the need to be prepared when they’re writing. It’s all about doing your homework first before you put ‘pen to paper’. Researching the market first helps you to be aware of trends and statistics to create content that’s up to date. Your reader wants to see that you have your finger firmly on the pulse of that sector. It’s important to keep your ears open on what’s happening in the industry, so that you can be relevant. Thorough research and staying in touch with the right sources, will help.

4. Perfectionists

Bad grammar or typos can be the most off-putting things in a piece of writing. It can even damage the reputation of the startup you are representing. Good Content Writers will have a great attention to detail and write accurately at all times. It pays to check your work or enlist a proof-reader to support you. Content Writers have to push boundaries so every piece of writing is better than their last. Taking an experimental tact on this is important. Trying new styles and challenging the status quo will come naturally to a great Writer.

5. Focused

How you meet the objectives of your writing project are key to measuring the standard of your work. As a Writer you must respond to the Content Marketing Strategy in a methodical way. This includes taking on board any associated feedback. Ask the relevant questions to gather enough information, before executing the writing. Staying calm under the pressure of deadlines is important. Writers are very used to curveball suggestions and how to deal with them.

If you have the skills that make an awesome Content Writer, then you can make a real difference to a business. Particularly one that is looking to get noticed. Startups rely on their content marketing strategy to help boost their startup awareness. They need to deliver the right message to their target audience. It’s hard to get noticed online. Yet customers will use the content out in cyber space to make a decision about that startup. Whether to invest in their product or service or not.

That's no easy feat for a startup. But if they're coupled with the right Content Marketing team, then the sky’s the limit.