Tips to Ensure Your Startup Sleighs the Holiday Season

Tips to Ensure Your Startup Sleighs the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming… The holidays are coming… (good luck getting that out of your head now!) It’s the season to be jolly, merry, and giving for one and all. It’s the time when people are feeling generous, or the pressure of the holiday season gets to them so much that they’re willing to splash the cash, so why not spend it on your startup?

It’s not just about the money, we know. It’s about utilising the holidays to get more eyes on you, new life-long customers, become a household name, all whilst spreading holiday cheer. When it comes to the holidays, startups have to think big for everything they do; to beat last year and their competitors. So, we’ve come up with our own present for you founders… some tips on how to sleigh the holiday season.

1.     Be present on social media

Many shoppers start their buying journeys on social media, AKA the best place for inspiration to suddenly strike (or be advertised). So, why not meet them in the middle and be the reason they stop mid-scroll? You don’t have to be as sentimental or tug on the heartstrings quite as much as Coca-Cola and John Lewis, but you can have fun with how you use social media in the run-up to the holidays.

2.     Be hot on the emails

Email marketing has a success rate of over 50%, meaning it’s one of the best tools in your arsenal for the holiday season. What better way to find that amazing gift for that person in your life that ‘doesn’t want anything’ than to stumble upon it in your emails? On your side, email marketing is cost-effective and can boost your startup’s humanisation and personalisation, leading to returning customers and new ones.

3.     Run holiday-specific promotions

For the seasoned holiday shopper, the game is about bargain hunting. So, once they sniff out a promotion, they’re likely to purchase. As a startup, you aren’t bound to the confines of retail promotions and instead, you can implement promotions specific for you. They can be anything, for any length of time, and for anyone. You can reward returning customers or sweeten the deal for new customers.

4.     Have more than one sales channel

If you’re a startup with a physical space, now is the perfect time to setup an online store. If you’re only online, now is the time to find physical spaces to setup shop. Consumers like to shop around, with multichannel shoppers spending £90 more than those who shop in just one place, so attracting them is important.

There are lots of channels out there for you to get your startup on. There’s Etsy, Folksy, eBay, Instagram, and you could even partner with more well-known retailers for the holiday season.

5.     Make those product pages shine

Look at your product pages, read through the product information, and scan through the product images. Sometimes, rejuvenating those pages, even just to make them more festive, can boost traffic and sales. Consumers are more likely to complete their purchase when an item has a complete information section and lots of images, so they know what to expect before they buy – this goes even more when they’re buying for someone else.

6.     Tis the season to give back

Make the most of the holiday season by being a startup that gives back to an important cause or charity. Consumers are looking to support startups that want to make a difference. They’re more likely to turn to you this season if, say, a certain amount of money from each sale goes to a charity or food bank, something that will do good. Not only are you supporting an important cause, so are they.

In conclusion…

There are many ways you can utilise the holidays to your startups advantage, and the above are a few select tips to get you on your way. If the holiday season still feels more looming than festive, get in contact with us at blazon and we can help ease your worries about putting your best festive foot forward.