Top 5 Lessons Learnt from Lockdown

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Top 5 Lessons Learnt from Lockdown

July 10, 2020
Top 5 Lessons Learnt from Lockdown

usinesses the world over have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the global economy, that much is sure. Given the catastrophic fallout of this crisis, it would be stupid to move on without gleaning a few important lessons to carry with us into the future, right?

We’ve taken the time to do some reflection, to take a look at what we think are the 5 most important lessons to be taken from the fallout of the age of Covid-19.

1.     The real importance of technology in the workplace

The “remote working” phenomenon has been a life saver for many businesses. With offices shut for health reasons, people had to find a way to keep their organisations running while being unable to share a room. The use of video conferencing and file sharing services has allowed every size of business to keep operations running as smoothly as they can.

Recent studies have shown that over two-thirds of workers had made a switch to cloud-based communications and file storage, making our dependence on new tech abundantly clear. There are those who are understandably worried, as cyber attacks and leaks have shown the fragility of our dependence, but with offices not returning to normal for a little while, we may have to adapt and overcome. 

2.     How important social interaction really is

If we’ve missed anything during the lockdown, it has been the chance to just talk to others! While many of us have been at home with partners, pets and kids (and we wouldn’t give that up for the world), it has been quite tough to survive without our peers, friends and family. People across the country have been making the most of videoconferencing to keep in touch, and online networking and pub quizzes have become all the rage. As offices slowly open back up with social distancing measures in place, one thing that we will all be looking forward to is meeting other adults, and just being able to talk about anything.

Businesses will be looking to make sure that this side of life for their employees is better taken care of moving forward. Some have already begun to implement light-hearted initiatives to keep morale up, but many have been slow to catch on.

3.     How essential mental wellbeing is

The importance of mental health isn’t a new concept to the large majority of people. However, the business world has been slightly slower on the draw than the rest of the world. Throughout the lockdown, mental health has suffered due to the pressures that living life during a pandemic brings, and more has to be done to support those struggling.

Many businesses have been making efforts to support their employees with maintaining the work-life balance, and we hope that this continues into the post-Covid world. Good wellbeing among staff can be a massive boon for company morale, engagement, and output, making it a real win-win for everyone involved.

4.     Why being an agile business is key

So many businesses were caught out by this crisis and will be making sure they are not in the same position for the next time. Of course, we all have our fingers crossed that nothing like this happens again, but it’s always much better to be prepared for any eventuality than to be caught out and forced to react. We’ve seen businesses putting effort into making plans for a rapid response to the next major event, making sure that their staff will be able to safely continue working through whatever the next eventuality might be.

5.     Why remote working might just be the way forward

Remote working has been a revelation for all of us throughout the lockdown. We’ve seen that businesses can function at almost the same level even while every employee is based at home. This couldn’t have been done without every single worker putting the effort in and getting to grips with the new tech being used to keep everyone in touch. 

Everyone has been adapting to remote working in their own way, and there are many with no desire to rush back to the office. Businesses have learned that remote working does not reduce productivity and can even increase employee morale and engagement. We will now have to see whether the same businesses will allow employees to continue remote and mixed working into the post-Covid era.

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