Top 5 Summer Cleaning Hacks

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Top 5 Summer Cleaning Hacks

August 29, 2020
Top 5 Summer Cleaning Hacks

his summer has been one of the hottest we’ve had in a long time. With our socially distanced summers still more than enjoyable, we have noticed that we and the kids have been picking up some unfortunate stains, on tablecloths, carpets, and especially clothes.

In the interest of keeping those carpets clean, we’ve put together a little list of how to get rid of some of the most common stains.

1. Get that grill clean!

Summer is the time of the barbeque and the grill, there’s no two ways about it. Dads (and mums) across the world will be getting their moves on with tongs in hand in front of a grill filled with the tastiest summer foods!

However, the good vibes don’t come without their fair share of deep stains. For oil and grease stains on a grill, we recommend either loosening the stains with warm water or mopping them up while the grill has some heat in it, as oil and grease are moved much easier with some heat. Always be careful not to burn yourself around a hot grill, and to be delicate with the gas parts of a gas grill.

2. No more berry stains!

One of the least tasty parts of putting together a proper fruit salad is the stains that berries and fruits leave behind on the chopping board and plates.

For this one, we’re going to use more fruits to clean up other fruits. Spread some salt over the stain and use a grapefruit cut in half to rub across the stain. If it’s extra stubborn, give it a go with the other grapefruit half and rinse with water.

3. Wash out those vases!

Anyone with a summer birthday will know all too well the pain of trying to keep flowers alive through the summer. Even the hardiest plant will struggle with the killer heat, especially with an owner that might sometimes (every so often) forget to water them (maybe!).

We recommend popping some dry rice into the bottom of an empty vase that needs a clean. Add a little soap and some warm water and slosh the mix around to cover the inside. This should take off any grime when you rinse the vase out. We’d recommend giving it another spin if it doesn’t work the first time round.

4. Ice lolly stains? Not anymore!

Ice lollies are a staple of the summer, and though we each have our favourites, we can all agree that the stains they make are just the worst. No-one wants to be the one with a splattering of ice lolly stains on their carpet!

To remove, we suggest pouring some white vinegar, warm water and a splash of lemon juice on the stain and wiping with a sponge. Rinse with cold water after the stain is lifted, and you should be good to go.

5. Get rid of grass stains!

A natural, yet annoying, by-product of sitting on the grass is grass stains. These can be a horrendous addition to a nice day out, and unfortunately there’s no quick way to get rid of them.

The long-winded, but effective way to get rid of them is to soak the garment or rug that has the stain on it. When it’s thoroughly soaked, use some normal soap to rub the stain and it should come out. For extra stubborn stains, don’t be scared to use more powerful cleaning liquids, but always be careful not to damage your fabrics.

Enjoy the rest of the season everyone!

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