A passion to help startups and small businesses

It’s not easy to launch and grow a new business - our co-founders know all about that first-hand, having spent years working on numerous ventures. That’s what makes them the perfect support when it comes to social media and content marketing.
The global digital world of business is noisy, crowded and extremely competitive, and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out and make an impression. blazon was created with the sole purpose of helping smaller brands get more exposure through expert marketing solutions with a creative edge.

In 2019, co-founders Nargis and Demos decided it was time to find marketing support for their own growing startup and outsource their social media management. They struggled to find an agency partner with a realistic price point to match their tight startup budget. They also found that many companies were not specialised to work with small businesses, and lacked flexibility, adaptability and empathy. Once they began to do their marketing in-house instead, they began to hear echos of similar pain points from founders in their network and praise for the content they were creating.

blazon was launched in February 2020 and has been managing marketing campaigns for multiple brands across the globe since then, providing professional and creative social media content, blogs, newsletters and engagement.

The team consists of talented graphic designers and content writers, each one armed with a constant flow of new ideas, infectious enthusiasm and the self-motivation to ensure that every marketing campaign is innovative and successful.

If you’re looking for support with your social media and content marketing, the blazon team are your trusted award-winning solution.

Our Values

Flexible when working with startups icon


Customised solutions for your brand and responsive to any changes. Things change, and we know it!
Committed to startups icon


Our client relationships are long-term and we work with transparency, integrity and personality.
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The ideas pool never runs dry, we're a creative bunch so we can keep testing and constantly improve.
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We're dedicated to supporting you in every way possible. You grow... we grow.

Meet Our Team

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Simona Budryte
Graphic Designer
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Amiee Bolger
Content Writer
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Nargis Jafferali
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Demos Demetriou