Our passion runs deep

We're obsessed with startups! There we said it. Having spent years working on numerous ventures, co-founders Demos and Nargis certainly know a thing or two about building a startup business.
They've been through the highs and lows themselves many many times, and faced many of the same challenges that founders face every day. When it comes to generating actual positive results, they've realised that having the right support makes a massive difference to your startup success.

blazon was founded to do one thing: Help Startups Grow.

Whatever your individual objectives may be in your own unique journey, we have the passion and resources to support your growth.

The blazon team will become a personal ambassador for your brand, championing your business in our own global network, and making sure your exposure goes far beyond the realms of basic marketing. It's about using our own startup experience and creative marketing ideas to get meaningful results for your business and smash your targets.

This is no short-term thing. We're committed to growing with your team and evolving your marketing campaign accordingly in order to build a valuable supportive relationship.

Trust blazon to deliver on accuracy, transparency, creativity and flexibility. We're here to give you the guidance, ideas and results to scale your startup to the next level of growth.

Come talk to us about your startup and let's get started.


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Startup network of over 6k followers
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Worked with 50+ startups to date
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Over 30 years of professional experience

Our Values

Flexible when working with startups icon


Customised solutions for your startup and responsive to any changes. Things change, and we know it!
Committed to startups icon


Our client relationships are long-term and we work with transparency, integrity and personality.
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The ideas pool never runs dry, we're a creative bunch so we can keep testing and constantly improve.
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We're dedicated to supporting founders and their startup journeys in every way possible. You grow... we grow.

Meet Our Team

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Simona Budryte
Graphic Designer
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Amiee Bolger
Content Writer
Eve Thomas
Eve Thomas
Content Writer
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Nargis Jafferali
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Demos Demetriou