"Going viral isn't random, magic, or luck. It's a science." - Jonah Berger
As a founder, you want as many eyeballs on your brand and as many people talking about your startup business. But it's incredibly noisy out there, and organic social marketing can only do so much to increase your exposure.
Startup Ambassadors
Your 'outbound selling efforts' as a founder will only ever be one-dimensional - but we have a unique solution to get even more creative in your sales approach.

Our passion for startups enables us to serve as the perfect external supporters of your brand. We'll use our own global network to push your exposure even further, and personally support your business activities.

Collaboration Opportunities
Any growing startup needs to spend time networking - after all, that's where new business opportunities can come from. But we can do even more for you!

Our deep understanding of your niche sector and specific growth objectives means we can personally source strategic partnerships, suitable influencers and creative collaborations on your behalf. We set our own targets to ensure we're working to your goals and we're here to drive better results for you.

Personal Branding
People buy from people. Today's customers want to know more about you, and get to know the team behind the brand name.

We'll work on positioning you as a thought-leader, and source the ideal opportunities for you to publicly shine with your insights and expertise. After all, you're the brains behind the startup, so it's vital your target audience identifies your knowledge and appreciates your credibility.

If you'd like us to be your startup ambassador, get in touch and let's chat.