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“No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.”
Salvador Dalí
Killer content is nothing without a show stopping visual. If you're serious about promoting your brand's 'x-factor', you need to get serious about art.

A creative piece of imagery has the power to stop people in their tracks, to get them to stop scrolling and take note. With so much noise out there in social media, you don't have long to make a powerful impact. Visuals are usually the first things to capture a person's attention. And so they need to be well thought out and dynamic.

If you've got a post on social media, you need the right image to support your caption. If you're writing a blog, graphics will help frame the points you're trying to make. Artwork in your newsletter makes the piece far more interesting than words in your inbox. And your website will only keep its visitors there if your visuals are simulating enough. Words on a page can feel lonely without art beside it and we aim to make every 'word and image' partnership seamless.

Our team of graphic designers have creative juices flowing like the River Nile. They're on a mission to make every graphic a masterpiece worthy of Picasso or Monet. And they're determined to  come up with something even better than the last. Watch this space!

So what kind of things can we do to support you with graphic design?


Your business may already have a confirmed set of brand guidelines. Or you may be feel that your brand could do with a redesign. That's ok, we can work with as much or as little as you have in place. We'll ensure all the graphics produced, in whatever format that is, are in keeping with your brand. Consistency is so important to a successful content marketing strategy. It's the way your reputation gets better and the trust your customers have in you gets stronger. We'll ensure that there's continuity across all artwork, as well as every image making its own mark.

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Artwork for different areas of your marketing needs a different style. Twitter images versus Instagram, website banners versus blog articles, pitch decks versus newsletters. Whatever format your visuals need to take, resizing and editing are a piece of cake. We'll design a custom image in keeping with your logo and colours and ensure it fits the platform. Whether it's a minimalistic image or a busier graphic with captioning, we've designed it all! Our team can design illustrations, replicate examples and so much more. There are no limitations on creativity.


Our team are never content with 'ok' and we're always working to push the bar higher. Hope that's alright with you! Even if your brand guidelines remain untouched, there's always room for improvements. And we'll brainstorm new ideas for you and come up with a revised strategy. As you're growing your startup business, so we love to do the same with our content. Always evolving and always getting better.

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Times faster for brain to process images over text


Of B2B marketers consider visual assets top priority


Higher performance of social posts with visuals


To command the attention of your audience, you have to first understand them. Only once you've grasped who it is that you want taking notice, the real fun can begin... And there are plenty of graphic gurus out there to draw inspiration from.

David Carson, the 'Godfather of Grunge', took edgy to a whole new level with his broken and often-illegible layout designs. Saul Bass became a household name with his iconic movie posters and well-known logo designs, e.g. Kleenex. Paula Scher used text as the focal part of the visual in her work for the New York City's Public Theatre, shaping a new era of modern design. And speaking of the Big Apple, Massimo Vignelli's 1972 redesign of the New York City Subway Map showcased his ability to condense many ideas into simple formats.

You may be using Shutterstock or Canva images in your artwork, or designing your entire project from scratch. You may have a brand new asset to create, or rebranding your whole offering. There are plenty of successful campaigns and famous style icons to influence your design. Let the creative juices begin to flow!

Send us a message and we'll get to the drawing board!