Middle fingers. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and they're used in different ways across the globe. Bit like a social media campaign, really.
Every single bit of marketing is different. Refreshingly so. You're here cos you saw something that was unique. It made you confused, it made you laugh, it may have even caused offence. But it's got you here, and you're probably wondering what the h*ck else we've got to say...

The founders of blazon, Nargis and Demos, are a dream team partnership of creativity. They're ideas-people, addicted to conjuring up the weird and wacky, bold and beautiful, daring and delightful. They've built entire careers dedicated to a pure personal approach, offering custom excellence to all their clients. And it ain't just these two - the whole blazon team is obsessed with pushing the boundaries, trying new things and working hard to create impressive social content.

Our agency is not just about helping your brand stand out on social media. Sheesh! Far from it. We give "Bog-standard and Boring" the middle finger. Every day.

Why stay in the shadows playing safe, when you can rise in the limelight!

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