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"Content Marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won't be a second one."
David Beebe
Your brand has a lot to offer. Experience, knowledge, insights and so much more. If you're eager to showcase all the skills and value your team can bring, a newsletter can be so rewarding.

Whether you decide to produce a monthly, weekly or daily newsletter. It's a personal way to engage with your audience and inject some creativity into your brand. Your subscribers have opted in to hear from you, and that's the battle half won already! Now it's your job to wow them with your fabulous content straight to their inboxes.

And there are plenty of options when deciding what to write about. Trending news stories, personal insights, top tips, humour, events and so much more. Whatever you decide to feature, we're here to make it memorable. Your readers will be racing to share it with your networking, and itching for the next edition!

So, what can our team do to help:


You may already have a newsletter that's in need of a refresh, or this may be your very edition. Our team will put together a detailed plan for you. We'll brainstorm diverse categories to feature, and recommend best length and style. The format will always match your branding but it will aim to dazzle.

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Your subscribers are looking for every newsletter to surpass the previous one. And that requires research! We'll make sure we stay on top of the current events, updates and hottest topics out there. All so your newsletter is cutting edge and relevant. Old news is of no interest to us!


A team of writers and graphic designers will be designated to your project. They'll put together the content of each newsletter. We can encapsulate any style you choose, so it's a true extension of your brand's identity. But, we're not happy till the content packs a punch. Come, being mediocre is no fun is it?

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Once you're happy with your newsletter, we'll help you get it setup and live on your system. We have experience working with a variety of different platforms. It helps that we're perfectionists, so rest assured everything is very much checked. In no time at all, your newsletter will be ready to sent off to your mailing list!



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What makes a great newsletter? Something that doesn't get sent straight to your Deleted Items folder, for starters. But also a newsletter that blends insight with promotion with fun.

One of our favourite newsletters is from ice cream manufacturer, Ben & Jerry's. ChunkMail features recipes, company news, top tips as well as key social issues. It's a sure-fire way to brighten your mood, not only because of the sight of ice cream! The quirky tone and varied content allows the reader to be entertained as well as informed. And that's a sweet balance to achieve.

Successful content marketing needs to work in sync with the company's brand and ethos. In the case of Ben & Jerry's, that's coordinating with their three missions: Product (to make, distribute and sell fantastic ice cream), Social (make the world a better place, and Economic (sustainable financial growth). Their newsletter is one small link in a much larger marketing chain. But, it's a fabulous product in its own right. It's loved by its loyal readers whilst boosting the company's bottom line.

A powerful brand that's fuelled by a delicious serving of the form of a simple newsletter. What's stopping you from following in their footsteps?