Cyb3r Intelligence

What do you get when you mix access to specialised digital forensic tools that no-one else has, alongside the expertise from years of experience to know exactly where to look? You offer an unparalleled Close Digital Protection service, of course! One that takes you further than anyone else, and with cyber security such a hot topic, it's a service that's greatly needed.
What The Founder Says

What We Do

Starting from pre-launch, we've been involved in highlighting their services and portfolio as well as revealing the market trends and behavioural patterns that uncover a desperate need for experts like the Cyb3r Intelligence team.

Our Thoughts

"What these guys don't know about CDP really isn't worth knowing, and they have everything required for any business or individual who's under pressure from the digital world. Professional, approachable and extremely thorough - working for this client is always a pleasure and we can expect great things as they continue on their journey." - Nargis