Decipher Cyber

Cyber security is an increasing problem for individuals and businesses across the globe - but finding the right solution is like finding a needle in a haystack. Along came Jenny, expertly designed by the Decipher Cyber team! The platform helps you save time, money and get trusted reliable information, that's free from bias.
What The Founder Says

What We Do

Once you discover Jenny, you're immediately hooked...that's the easy part! We help the team showcase all the amazing features and how Jenny can help. But we also highlight the obstacles and trends facing the cyber world - raising questions, challenging the status quo and discussing expert insights. The team are making great progress, and their accomplishments and activity are a joy to promote.

Our Thoughts

"Tinesh and Jenny are the perfect pair: innovative and charismatic Founder and ground-breaking platform. Cyber security has never been more important and it's fantastic to see Decipher Cyber play such a vital role." - Param