The hospitality market is massively competitive and in order to attract guests you need to adopt the trends that make the difference and create that 'wow' experience. Keyless mobile entry for hotels, hostels and airbnbs reduces touch points and revolutionises your stay - plus it's hygienic, efficient and secure. The FLEXIPASS team are experts in this technology for over 15 years, so you're in good hands!
What The Founder Says
"The blazon team is extremely efficient answering within minutes if questions arise. Light years ahead of many other companies on the market!" Patrick Lomsdalen, Founder

What We Do

The innovative technology developed by the team is really impressive, so guiding their followers to booking a demo is done through showcasing the valuable features and impact on business. We also discuss the wider landscape and provide insights on trends, statistics, guest experience and more, as well as the ongoing activities the team are involved in.

Our Thoughts

"Working with Patrick Lomsdalen and the team has always been a pleasure, because of their professionalism, expertise and hunger for innovation. No wonder their technology is so sought-after by hotels and accommodation owners across the globe - I was hooked after the first try!" - Nargis