Diversifying your business to a new territory is difficult to navigate - and once you have added language barriers, that can be harder still. With over 2000 languages, Africa is rich in linguistic diversity but massively misunderstood by many businesses entering this market. Gusoma bring their expert knowledge of the continent to offer a variety of consulting services and innovative technological solutions.
What The Founder Says

What We Do

There's significant unawareness of the challenges of doing business in Africa, so a large part of our support for Gusoma involves educating on pain points and obstacles. Showcasing the diversity and value of this continent is simple, as there's so much to explore and learn from - plus shining a spotlight on the Founder, André Nisin allows their followers to appreciate his vivacious personality and specialist wisdom.

Our Thoughts

"Passion is what we love to see in founders, and André has the drive and spark to go very far. Working hard to put African languages back into the limelight, Gusoma really is what the African market needs to take the next step." - Param