Mini Mealtimes

Let's get real! Raising kids is an all-round stressful journey and making sure your little ones are eating properly is a major worry for so many parents. The Mini Mealtimes app allows you to track your child's eating habits and monitor their overall nutrition and wellbeing. A fantastic handy resource that's been approved by the nutrition pros and made for mums and dads!
What The Founder Says

What We Do

The Mini Mealtimes app's social media campaign is a multi-faceted one, involving specialist advice, trending topics and highlighting the helpful features of the app. And with added recipes, tips and tricks, and custom blog articles, there's plenty to support parents along the way.

Our Thoughts

"Being a parent is a full-time worry, so it's a joy to see how a simple app can relieve so much pressure for so such a large community. It's well-thought out and backed by professionals, so I love the reassurance it's able to give so many mums and dads who are concerned about their child's nutrition." - Nargis