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Our Pricing

Pricing is a massive part of a founder's decision of whether to use a service provider or not. Startups have limited resources and strict budgets, and it pays to be very careful about where you spend your money especially in the early stages of growing a business.

When we launched blazon, it was always about keeping our prices as low as possible. It's all well and good offering an amazing service, but if your prices are eye-watering there's no chance you'll appeal to startups.

Compared to other agencies, you'll notice our prices are cheap. Too-good-to-be-true cheap! Why's that, you ask? Easy! We are passionate about building long-term relationships with everyone we work with, and we're confident that as your startup grows so will your marketing budget and in turn we hope to be able to offer you even more services as we champion your startup with additional support.

The blazon team believe in "Simplicity...always" and it's at the heart of everything we do. The same ethos is applied to our pricing and our contract (which is totally flexible). Because let's be real, the startup journey is hard enough without adding on astronomical fees and long-term binding contracts.

Social Media


per month

- Social Media strategy
- LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
- Custom graphics
- Content research
- Daily posting
- No long-term contract

Paid Advertising


per month / platform

- Advertising strategy
- Audience research
- Custom graphics
- Striking captions
- Analytics
- No long-term contract
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