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Supercharge your growth.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you only work with startups?
We've got a bit of a soft spot for startups to be honest, having spent years building various businesses. Some have succeeded, some have failed, but all have taught us tons about what it takes to grow a business from scratch and how to manage the challenges. Founders need as much support as they can get, and we're here to help.
What kind of startups do you work with?
Every shape, size and flavour! We've worked with startups in a variety of different sectors, and love learning about new markets and niche territories. Whether you're an early-stage startup, scaling business or a brand with great traction, we can't wait to support your growth.
How much experience do you have with startups?
How long have you got?!! Our co-founders have over 30 years combined professional expertise working as entrepreneurs and alongside an array of startups. Safe to say we've picked up a thing or two about what is required to grow a business. We've seen so many founders over the years succeed, fail and everything in between, and our team's collective talents can help your startup too.
I already have a co-founder, can you still help me?
Absolutely! We believe in building close relationships with all our clients and it's our mission to become an extension of your team. Whether you're a solopreneur or have a co-founder, there's a place for blazon to seamlessly support your efforts. We're happy to take your marketing efforts off your hands, saving you time to concentrate on other aspects of the business - but if you want to get stuck in and involved, that's fine too!

Influencer Introductions

What do you mean by 'Influencer'?
This is anyone that's active on social media that can help boost the exposure of your startup brand. We tend to reach out to individuals that have a medium-large following (anything too close to "Kardashian-status" and they're more likely to charge you for the collaboration, which in our experience typically tends to exceed most founders' tight budgets). Influencers come in all forms: so it could be someone who's vocally passionate about an issue in your niche sector, someone well-known who would be ideal to endorse your product/service, someone who actively seeks out founders/startups like you, or something else. The question we always ask is this: can a collaboration of some kind with this individual help your startup grow? If the answer is yes, we're on the case for you!
How will you get me introductions with influencers?
As your personal support and "confidante", we'll do anything we can to get you in front of the right people to help your business grow. Tons of research across a variety of social media platforms, creative methodology to intercept their attention, engaging introductions to promote your brand on your behalf, and even scheduling meetings with your team. We'll use our industry know-how to try and give your startup that extra exposure online, to really boost growth and more opportunity.
What do I have to do on my end to help the process?
As much or as little as you like. Leave it to us to research and reach out to suitable contacts that can help promote your startup. However if you have someone in mind you've been itching to get in front of, we'll do our best to make an introduction and get you noticed.

Network Access

What kind of contacts do you have in your network?
Over the years, we've built up a 'black book' of trusted contacts that can offer a product or service to startups in a variety of different sectors. And we want to share that with you! As our client, you'll get access to any support you require, whether that's legal, financial, wellbeing, networking or more. And if we don't have the right contact to introduce you to, we'll make sure we source someone on your behalf. We're representing your startup, after all!

Do you get paid a referral fee?
It depends on the contact and the solution they're helping you with. There are some startup contacts for which we have that we have paid agreements in place with, however for some we're happy just handing you a phone number. We'll always disclose to you the full nature of any agreements we have in place, after all, true team members are always honest and transparent with each other aren't they?! Our overall mission is simple: we want to connect you with trusted providers that can help solve a problem you're facing, and once you're a client of ours you get access to everyone in our international startup network.
What do you mean by 'Personal Representation of your Brand'?
Think of blazon as your agents, going out into the world and representing your startup. We're a scrappy passionate bunch, and once you're a client of ours, we'll talk about your startup to as many people as we can, on your behalf. Whether it's on-boarding new users, showcasing your industry knowledge, raving about your product, or something else you need, we'll shout about how great you are to, umm, everyone! Founders need as many people championing them as possible, and that's what we're here for.

Social Media Marketing

Can you help my startup with its social media?
Yes we can. A consistent presence on your social media platforms is integral to keeping a strong brand presence and we'll help you cut through the noisy world online. It's going to take some serious creative ideas to create content that packs a punch on social media, and that's where the blazon team shine! We'll devise a bespoke marketing strategy that fits your objectives, create captions and graphics in house on engaging trending topics, post all your content accurately and efficiently, and even make recommendations for constant improvement. Let's keep your socials alive with great content - after all, it's the first place your customers will go to!
What social media platforms do you post on?
We mainly focus on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, we can help you create content for TikTok, Reels, YouTube and any other platform your startup needs a presence. We also create blogs, newsletters, email marketing and more, and comfortably work with a variety of different publishing platforms.
Do you create all content yourself?
We have a team of content writers and graphics designers, who expertly research every client's startup and then create all the content in-house. We also have access to a variety of additional providers that can provide exclusive reliable support in other areas where required. It's a dream team of support for your startup - you just tell us what you need doing!

How will you know what to post about?
Research, research and more research. We love learning about niche sectors, and we always start by exploring your startup in lots of detail. Great content is created by people with great understanding - and our team are passionate about studying the market, finding out what's trending, and what conversations are taking place that your startup needs to be involved in. We're here to emulate your brand's voice, and make sure we're using the right style to do that.
What kind of blogs do you write?
We cover a variety of different styles, from long-form discussion pieces to bullet-pointed listicles and everything in between. We'll research your startup's niche market to see what's trending and what 'hot topics' we should be writing about on your behalf. Our team will come up with suitable titles for your prior-approval, and then use SEO-compliant writing to make sure your blogs stand out in the crowd.


How does your pricing work?
Our entire service is custom to every individual startup founder. You tell us what you need to grow your startup, and we'll put together a bespoke proposal for you. As easy as that! The best place to start is to have a chat with our founders about your startup, we'll give you some pointers on the call and discuss your individual objectives.
I want to learn more about blazon before committing, is that ok?
Absolutely, and we'd love to find out more about you. Complete the form in the same way as above to get through to our team, or feel free to drop us a message via our social pages or an email. Let's have a chat about what you need!
There are some things on your list that I don't need help with.
No problem. No startup is the same as another, right?! We've highlighted just a few of the main things we help most startups with, but you may not require all of them and you may need help with something else. Get in touch in the same way, or drop us a message via our socials or email, and let's discuss some options for you.
Do you require clients to sign into a long-term contract?
Not at all - that makes no sense for your startup, and we believe in utter flexibility. All our services have a 3-month minimum period, simply to allow everything to settle in before deciding whether it's working or not. After that, you're free to cancel at any time, and (other than a few tears shed to see you go!) there's absolutely no obligation.
Do you provide any consulting services for some general advice?
Yes we do, and quite often founders come to us to ask for advice based on our expertise. It's a great way to to get an unbiased opinion and find out what you can do better in your startup's growth. We'll take a look at everything you're doing so far, and give you personalised recommendations to improve your marketing and business operations and help your growth. Drop us a message and we can schedule in a call right away.