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your MedTech Startup?

Innovation. It drives society forward and enable our lives to become quicker, smoother and more enjoyable. The incredible startups behind this progression are worth their weight in gold. In the field of medicine, there are an array of inspiring founders leading the path to game-changing modernisation. And we thank them for it!

MedTech startups are busy challenging the status quo to produce the latest in medical device technologies. They're working hard to improve healthcare for people across the globe, in all walks of life. And their ideas need to be truly sensational and limitless.

So, while you're doing such ground-breaking things with your startup, you'll be hoping more people are taking notice of your progress, and excited by your results. Right? But how do you make an impact in such a crowded environment?

Simple answer? Amazing Content.

You need to put together a marketing plan that allows you to reach more people and show them what you're capable of. The content you put out there should be strategically researched and beautifully presented. It should compliment your brand and everything you're trying to change in the world of healthcare.

By having consistent content on a variety of different platforms, you stand a greater chance of demonstrating your expertise, and building up a strong reputation in the market. Your followers will gather more trust in the MedTech advancements you're creating, because they're seeing more information from you and learning more about you.

And at blazon, we understand startups. More than anyone. We've worked on enough startup projects to empathise with a founder's journey. In MedTech specifically, the market is rapidly evolving as new regulations emerge and fresh obstacles appear. It's important to react quickly, remain flexible, and always stay honest and accurate.

Our experience working with startups and the reputation we've built speaks for itself. Our service is fully customisable to what a MedTech founder requires. We get involved in putting together an initial marketing strategy and setting up social accounts. Our research into your niche sector is thorough, before we begin creating standout MedTech-related content in a variety of different forms. It's so exciting to see a wider network begin to take notice of a growing startup, and we're with you every step of the way to test out new ideas to make things happen.

What you can expect?

  • Social pages bursting with trending insights, product benefits, industry news and more.
  • Regular newsletters filled with company activity, promotions, interviews and fun.
  • Detailed blogs that feature sector 'hot topics' to capture the reader's interest.
  • Website content that's informative and striking so visitors understand your MedTech brand.
  • Custom graphics that follow your brand guidelines and stand out from the crowd.
  • Promotion across our own channels to get your MedTech startup more exposure.
  • Access to influencers and a wide network of contacts to help your MedTech startup with the support needed to grow.
If you're serious about growing your MedTech startup, you need fabulous content to get you there.

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